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Ship Visit to EURODAM (Holland America Line)
Dover - 29th June 2010


EURODAM at Dover - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Eurodam at Dover - © 2010 Peter Woolgar


EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
© 2009 Ian Boyle

Deck 12 Sun Deck on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Sun Deck (Deck 12) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Retreat on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
The Retreat (Deck 11) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Retreat on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
The Retreat (Deck 11) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Crows Nest  on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Crow's Nest Bar (Deck 11) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Silk Den on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Silk Room (Deck 11) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Explorations Cafe on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Explorations Cafe (Deck 11) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Lido Restaurant on EURODAM - Photo ©2009 Ian Boyle
Lido Restaurant (Deck 9) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Lido Restaurant on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Lido Restaurant (Deck 9)

Lido Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Lido Bar (Deck 9) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Lido Spa on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Lido Spa (Deck 9) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Lido Spa on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Lido Spa (Deck 9) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Casino on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Casino (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Casino Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Casino Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Casino Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Northern Lights Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Piano Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Pinnacle Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Piano Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Pinnacle Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Piano Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Piano Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Piano Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Piano Bar (Deck 2) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Atrium Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Atrium Bar - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Atrium on EURODAM - Photo: ©2009 Ian Boyle
Atrium (Deck 1) - © 2009 Ian Boyle

Suite 7031 on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Suite 7031 Bathroom

Suite 7031 on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Suite 7031 Verandah

mv. EURODAM arrived at Dover in the early morning of 29 June 2010. She had completed an eight- day cruise out of Dover to the Norwegian fjords and coast and Scotland. Passenger disembarkation was taking place as a group of OLS members and a large number of travel agents prepared to board at Dover’s cruise terminal 2.

The 86273grt EURODAM is the first of the new “Signature Class” vessels built for Holland America Line. The class is an evolution of the “Vista Class” vessels, Holland America Line operating four “compass” ships – NOORDAM, OOSTERDAM, ZUIDERDAM and WESTERDAM.

P&O’s ARCADIA is a “Vista Class” variant and is a near sister vessel to EURODAM. Key comparisons, aside from funnel and mast designs are :
• EURODAM has an additional passenger deck (10) located in the forward superstructure above the gymnasium complex and beneath the Crows Nest Lounge
• Now that ARCADIA has been rebuilt at the stern, both vessels have aft decks extending fully to the stern
• Both ships feature an Asian themed restaurant located midships in front of the funnel casing
• Both ships feature external panoramic glass elevators on either side of the ship.
• EURODAM features a raised deck atop the forecastle housing a crew pool and air-conditioning.

EURODAM was built at the Breda, Venice yard of Fincantieri (Yard # 6149). Laid down on 9 February 2007, she was handed over to Holland America on 16 June 2008, and officially named by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in Rotterdam on 1 July 2008 She has 1052 staterooms including 112 Verandah Suites, 596 Verandah Staterooms, 189 outside and 155 inside Staterooms. All staterooms feature e-mail/internet data-ports, mini-bars, safe, colour TV/DVD. The vessel accommodates 2104 passengers with a crew of 929. Maximum speed has been quoted as 23.9 knots.

Touring from top deck to bottom deck:

This is an open sun deck built around the forward mast, featuring wooden steamer chairs with the Holland America icon carved into the headrests. There is an additional sun deck forward of the funnels.

There is a forward section and a separate midships section. It is not possible to walk from one to the other without using a lower deck. The forward section is open plan predominantly themed in browns and caramel with some blues. There is the Crows Nest Lounge featuring lounge seating with 270 degree ocean views, a piano, dance floor and bar. It houses a waterline model of the RYNDAM. (1951, 15015grt). The Explorations Café features a speciality coffee bar, a full library and internet screens powered by The New York Times, music listening stations together with board games, jigsaw, crossword and chess tables, and Sudoku

Explorations Cafe & Crows Nest on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Explorations Cafe and Crows Nest (Deck 11) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Immediately aft of this Lounge and Café we find 10 Deluxe Verandah Spa staterooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows each with a small curved verandah. Spa staterooms include special spa amenities including a yoga mat. Out onto the open deck, we reach the Retreat featuring 14 private tent-like Cabanas. Each can be hired by the day or by the cruise. They are stocked with bathrobes, towels, handheld fans, an Evian spray mister and iPodsTM loaded with music. Ice fruit skewers are served mid-morning and frozen grapes, chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne served in the afternoon. Typical names were Marbella, Sorrento, Portofino, Mykonos….

The separate midships area contains the Tamarind Restaurant furnished predominantly in browns, light greens and purple. Pan-Asian cuisine is served at lunchtime (free) and evening ($15 pp cover charge). The Silk Den is adjacent to the Tamarind and overlooks the pool on deck 9 and has 270 degree ocean views. There are lounge areas and several booths furnished in gold, maroon, brown and purple.
Tamarind Restaurant on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Tamarind Restaurant (Deck 11) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Located in the forward superstructure block are 2 Superior Deluxe Verandah Suites, 36 Deluxe Verandah Suites, 4 forward facing Ocean View Suites and 4 inside Staterooms. Walking aft on open deck we reach Club HAL and The Loft located midships underneath the Silk Den and Tamarind Restaurant. There are three separate rooms designated for children and teenagers and these include the video arcade and games room.

The layout of this deck is very similar to ARCADIA. The Greenhouse Spa and Salon located forward comprise 11 massage and therapy rooms, a relaxation room, gym and aerobics area, a beauty salon, thermal suites and a hydrotherapy pool. Doors lead out to the Lido Pool which is headed by a curious rectangular waterfall structure. Around the pool there are 3 jacuzzis, tables and chairs and a row of Cabanas, the Lido Bar (port side) and the Terrace Grill and buffet area (starboard side) . There is a small bandstand and the whole area can be covered by the magradome sliding roof.

Aft of the Lido Pool is the Lido Restaurant (the Belvedere Restaurant on ARCADIA). There are a number of food courts serving various cuisines. Self serve breakfasts and lunches are taken here and there is informal bistro dining at night. Also, at night part of the restaurant becomes the Italian restaurant, Canaletto. Restaurant seating spreads out aft onto the open deck, the extra space having been made available by the longer aft deck. The Sea View Pool and Bar are located here.

Lido on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Lido (Deck 9) with Cabanas (Deck 10) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Aft of the ships Bridge, we find Verandah Staterooms located in three blocks (forward /midships/aft) which are the hallmark of the Vista Class design. There are 2 Deluxe Verandah Suites and several inside Staterooms located at the stern.

This deck comprises a similar mix of Verandah Suites and Staterooms to deck 8 except that the middle superstructure block comprises extra large Deluxe Verandah Suites. The 2 Penthouse Suites have to be seen to be believed. Suite 7031 (Abergavenny) featured a bedroom with king-size bed, oversize whirlpool bath and shower complete with a King Neptune’s face sculpture forming a wall fountain , additional shower cubicle, living room, dining room, dressing room, private verandah with whirlpool with seats for eight, and varnished teak deck/ceiling/wall woodwork, a sofa bed for two, a separate kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, guest toilet, private stereo system………Guests booked into Penthouse, and Deluxe Verandah Suites have their own private concierge lounge on this deck - the Neptune Lounge similar to the Concierge Lounge found on Queen Mary 2..

Suite 7055 (Deluxe Verandah Suite) featured a large bathroom, separate shower, his & hers wash basins, dressing area, large verandah, king-size bed, dark oak woodwork with brown leather sofa and orange chairs.

This deck comprises a mix of Deluxe Verandah Suites, Superior Verandah Suites, Verandah Staterooms and some interior Staterooms. Suite 6052 (Deluxe Verandah Handicap) featured an angled verandah facing the stern and a wet room amongst other facilities.

There is a beautiful painting by Stephen Card of STATENDAM (1956, 24294 GRT) adorning the forward staircase between decks 6 & 7. Indeed, throughout EURODAM there are a large number of photographs and prints of Holland America liners and cruise ships past and present These provided a great maritime feel and gave much more interest to the long corridors in the stateroom areas

These decks mainly comprise Verandah Staterooms. The central block superstructure contains Ocean View Staterooms on deck 4 which have no verandah and most have obstructed / part obstructed views over the lifeboats.

This is the uppermost deck on the ship’s hull. The layout is so similar to ARCADIA. Outside, there is a “walk-around” promenade deck. Inside, furthest forward is the upper balcony of the three deck high Mainstage show lounge Moving aft past the forward red carpeted staircase, we find the Screening Room (S) - a small but very well appointed cinema ; Merabella Luxury Jewellery Shop (S), and three conference rooms (P) – Half Moon : Hudson : Stuyvesant. The Shopping Arcade follows and we then walk past the gold carpeted midships staircase to the upper level of the three deck high Atrium. A chandelier sculpture of transparent flowers hangs from the ceiling and this is lit in different shades throughout the day.

Atrium on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Atrium - Upper Level (Deck 3) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

A glass staircase winds down through two decks to the lowest level of the Atrium. The Ocean Bar serves seating around the Atrium and beyond. There is a sculpture of King Neptune in the starboard section.

The Photo Gallery (S) is located aft of the Ocean Bar DVD’s of each cruise can be ordered here as well as photographs taken by the ships’ photographers during the cruise. .

Ocean Bar on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Ocean Bar (Deck 3) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

We walk past the red carpeted aft staircase and enter the upper level of the two-storey Rembrandt Dining Room located at the stern of the vessel with views on three sides . The décor is predominantly shades of browns. The Rembrandt Dining Room provides waiter service for breakfast and lunch as an alternative to self-service at the Lido Restaurant. Traditional set dining times are offered in the evening on the upper level whilst “As You Wish” flexible dining is offered on the lower deck 2 level. There are tables for 2 and 4 although it is not known how easy it is to secure these !

There is a showcase at the entrance to the Rembrandt Dining Room featuring broken ceramic plates, Delftware and Chinese spoons from a Chinese ship that sank 300 years ago near Indonesia..
EURODAM features a $ 2 million art and antique collection based on the theme “The Dutch Golden Age – An Inexhaustible Tradition”. Guests can hire an I-pod to take a self-guided tour of these around the ship. Throughout the vessel there are works by Dutch masters and contemporary artists. There are many pieces from the former Dutch East Indies.. There were some surprises : A painting entitled “The Nightwatch, Two Minutes Later” by Aldert Mantje and Jan Maris, located on the midships stairway, provides a contemporary interpretation of Rembrandt’s famous painting to be seen in Amsterdam.

Furthest forward is the balcony of the Mainstage show lounge. Aft of the forward staircase is the Casino (P) and the Piano and Sports Bars (S). These bars are substituted in ARCADIA by the Rising Sun Pub. The Northern Lights room (P) serves as a nightclub. Forward of the midships staircase is the Queens Lounge and Culinary Arts Centre. This room is a multi-purpose theatre and is also the venue for cookery demonstrations and classes.

We pass the central staircase and enter the second level of the Atrium. Here there is the Pinnacle Bar (S) and the speciality restaurant , the Pinnacle Grill (P). ARCADIA past passengers reading this report will by now be feeling a sense of deja vu. (think Intermezzo and Arcadian Rhodes). There is a slight change here however, in that the dining tables of the Pinnacle Grill spill out of the restaurant into the port side of the Atrium. Given that the Atrium is a pleasant place to be, the writer thinks this design works well. Inside the Pinnacle Restaurant, there is a collage of 17th Century Old Masters by Peter and Sven de Ru which takes some famous details from the old paintings and transforms them into a digital collage. For an additional cover charge of $20 pp, the Pinnacle Grill offers “Signature Pacific Northwest Cuisine” – apparently premium beef and seafood dishes - on Bulgari china with Riedel stemware and Frette® linens.

Walking aft, we come to the Art Gallery and Explorer’s Lounge (S). The Galley is opposite (P). There is a Digital Workshop powered by Windows® (S) where guests can learn about computing, taking better digital pictures, editing pictures, emails, blogging and social networking. They can learn how to send images of their vacation back to friends and relatives at home. There then follows the lower level of the Rembrandt Dining Room at the stern.

Explorers Lounge on EURODAM - Photo: ©2010 Peter Woolgar
Explorer's Lounge (Deck 2) - © 2010 Peter Woolgar

Furthest forward is the stage of the Mainstage show lounge. Ocean View Staterooms are located between the forward and midships staircases. We are now at the lowest level of the Atrium where there is the Information/pursers desk (S), and the Shore Excursions office (P). The Atrium Bar is located at the foot of the atrium staircase. There are further Ocean View Staterooms aft of the Atrium.

The writer was very impressed with EURODAM. Having sailed on ARCADIA the similarities in layout and design of both ships were fascinating. I preferred the overall décor and marine heritage links on EURODAM together with the appointment of the public rooms and choice of staterooms. On the other hand, Arcadian Rhodes is superb and the child-free designation of ARCADIA balances the choice of vessel for cruising. Conclusion ? Cruise and enjoy both !.

EURODAM embarked over 1500 passengers and sailed later in the afternoon for Kiel, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen where she will be based for further Baltic capitals cruises until mid August. She then sails transatlantic for a series of cruises to Canada and New England out of New York and Quebec.

Many thanks go to Peter Godliman, OLS Ship Visits Organiser for arranging this most enjoyable day and to Holland America Line for their kind hospitality and excellent service provided by our Rembrandt Dining Room waiter at lunch.

Footnote : The second HAL Signature Class vessel NIEUW AMSTERDAM debuts in July.

EURODAM's early morning arrival at Dover - Photo: ©2010 Ian Boyle
Eurodam's early morning arrival at Dover on 29th June 2010 - ©2010 Ian Boyle

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